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The Island is filled with interesting places to explore and loot to collect. When you're done exploring you may want to test yourself against some of the more challenging events on offer.

These events range dramatically and some have a surprise in store for the players who engage with them - keep your nerve and learn quickly.

The Purge is the End of Days

The Purge

The Purge is a PvP event that happens the day before the map wipe. It's an opportunity to use any weapons or explosives you've accumalated over the wipe and maybe get some revenge for any past sleights.

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The Patrol Helicopter, Heli or Huey

The Patrol Helicopter

The Patrol Helicopter visits the island every few hours to remind people of their mortality - if you're brave and well prepared, you can return that message to sender.

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Bradley, the APC or Tank

The Bradley

Bradley, the APC, patrols the Launch Site and will target any player in range. However, if you're brave enough to try and take him out you'll be rewarded with high end loot.

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The Cargoship CCSC Lazarus

The Cargoship

The Cargoship circles the island with unknown intent - if you're looking to profit here, make sure you come well armed, the Scientists don't give up loot easily.

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The Chinook Drop or Timed Crate

The Chinook Drop

The Chinook drops a Timed Crate that offers up high end loot to those patient enough to wait for it. You'll need to be well armed though, a surprise awaits those who wait.

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