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You can kill & raid during The Purge
Beginning of the end

The Purge

The beginning of the end, The Purge is a PvP event that happens at the end of each wipe and is perfect for getting to grips with raiding and player versus player gunfights.

Most rules are fully relaxed during The Purge. The main rules during The Purge are to be nice while killing & raiding, and don't have more than 4 players in your team.

For the North America and UK & Europe servers The Purge next occurs on the 29th of May, for our Australasia server it is on the 30th of May.

How do I join The Purge...?

The Purge is inescapable, if you're on the server during the hours of The Purge then you are a part of it.

There is also no opting out - if you don't want to take part then your only option is to simply not log in... we make an announcement in the Discord when the map wipes and it's safe to return.

Purge etiquette

Just because you can kill & raid doesn't not mean there are no rules to follow - everything you need to know about The Purge is here. Follow there rules so you and those around you can all have fun.

How many players can we have in our team?

You can have 4 players in your team, no more. Your team cannot be sharing a base or compound with another team regardless of where your team of 4 are.

If your peacetime team is greater than 4 players then you'll either have to split up into separate bases during The Purge or agree in advance who will be logged in and when.

Can I kill other players during The Purge?

Yes, killing is a part of The Purge just like it is a part of any PvP event - in fact it is the literal definition of PvP; player versus player.

Can I raid bases during The Purge?

Yes, raiding player bases during The Purge is encouraged - be aware though that players can also defend and other players can counter raid.

Can I build a raid base before The Purge?

As long as you follow normal building rules you can build a base anywhere you like before The Purge. Signalling your intention with an obvious raid base may work against you come Purge time though.

Can I build a raid base during The Purge?

Sure, build what you need to ensure your success. Just be aware that your raid base can be raided during The Purge, just like any other base.

Can I place traps out in the open during The Purge?

Yup, you can place Autoturrets, SAM Sites and every other type of trap and defense wherever you like during The Purge. In fact we allow placing and operation of base defenses an hour before The Purge, so beware if you're doing some late scouting of opponent bases.

Can I do other events during The Purge?

You can, but other players can counter your efforts and steal the loot. Defend yourself and the event.

I run a hotel, can we stay open?

If your hotel has 4 or less occupants then you can continue to operate. If you have more then 4 players in your hotel then it would be best if you close up for The Purge.

If you are closing then please give your occupants plenty of notice beforehand.

Purge help

The Purge is a great time to learn the basics of raiding and apply those learnings to your own base building - here are some other tips to help you get thru The Purge.

My base got raided, but how...?

If you built an amazing base but somehow it got raided and you don't know how that was possible, just ask. Most players are happy to give feedback on a raid and some might even have footage they can share with you.

Can I watch players raid my base?

You can ask, but there might be an issue with trust - if you turn up naked with a sash then that might go some way to gaining trust but don't be surprised if raiders say no.

If you really want to watch your bases demise, ask if they can record the raid and send you the footage.

I'm a solo, is there a way to stop groups raiding me?

Not really. You could try appealing to the group in chat or call on others to come to your aid. The best defense against groups as a solo is a solid base with good positions for you to fight from.

To help you out, add autoturrets and other traps, grab kits and inventory when you get the opportunity so raiders can't just continue where they left off.

Welcome to The Purge, again


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