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The Chinook Drop
A gift from the gods

The Chinook Drop

Visiting us from unknown shores, the Chinook drops a crate with high-end loot to collect. While we don't know why the Chinook gives us these rewards, we do know not everyone wants us to have them... mercenaries make sure getting the loot is not as straight-forward as you'd like, you'll have to fight for this treasure.

The Chinook Crate is a multiplayer PvE event where anyone who helps defend the crate for the full 10 minutes should be offered a share of the loot - if you can't get there for the beginning then it's probably best to wait it out and help defend the next drop.

Taking The Chinook Drop

The Chinook Drop is a free for all event that any player can help with - players who arrive after the crate has been hacked should keep their distance or ask in chat if they can help. If you don't help defend the crate from the beginning, please don't expect a reward for just being there.

Chinook Drop etiquette


I started the Chinook Drop but got killed, what now?

The Chinook Drop takes 10 minutes to countdown with waves of Mercenaries every few minutes, if you died while defending the crate then chances are it's going to be even harder to defend uon return, better take a bigger gun.

Chinook Drop help


I have a different Chinook Drop related question

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