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Frequently Asked Questions

Rust is a simple game with some complex mechanics under the hood, knowing how the game works will help you survive longer, get more loot and ultimately have more fun.

There are also things Friend Not Foe control that are useful to know - check out the questions below and hopefully find the answers you need.


The questions and their answers below aren't rules, but they do contain good advice for players who might not know the game well.

I won't be on every day, will my base decay?


Base decay is a part of the game, your base will decay if left long enough. If you're building a base, please think carefully about how big a base you want to manage. The larger your base is, the more materials you will need to place in the Tool Cupboard each day.

Is it a bad idea to share my base with strangers?

If you're lonely and want a player you've never met to share with you, please think again. By all means invite other players to build near you and share items and materials with them as you see fit. But think twice before giving a stranger access to your base and everything else inside.

To reinforce this point, please read the section on compensation.

If you're building a hotel, make sure there is a physical distinction between your space & guest space.

Even better, have your hotel separate from your main base.

I lost all my things, will you replace them?

We don't offer compensation if you lose your inventory due to anything other than game glitches. We expect you to build a secure base for your worldy goods, not a twig shack that anyone with erect nipples can waltz into.

Secure your things.

How many players can we have in our group?

You can play in a group with as many friends as you like, be mindful though that our rules still apply to all of you - make sure everyone is aware what those rules are.

During The Purge, the team limit is 4. Learn more about the The Purge.

What is The Purge?

The Purge is a PvP event that occurs before each map wipe. During this period there are just a few rules to make sure the action is fair for everyone. Learn more about the The Purge.

What happens when I log out?

When you disconnect from the game, your avatar is left in game asleep for other players to abuse. If you have items in your inventory, they could be stolen - if a wolf or bear kills you then you will lose whatever you were carrying at the time.

If you're finished with your Rust session, please make sure you disconnect safely in your base.

Useful commands

Chat commands are special commands that trigger features via in-game chat.

Heli queue

You can fight the heli without the worry of it being contested by joining the heli queue.

  • Find out who is in the queue with: /heli who
  • Add yourself to the queue using: /heli add
  • Remove yourself from the queue using: /heli remove
  • To see who was involved in the last heli fight, use: /heli debrief
  • To get help and to see these commands in game, use: /heli help
  • To see how long it has been since the heli last left, use: /heli
Sign artist

You can decorate your base with images from the internet using the Sign Artist plugin - the command to use this is:
/sil https://website.tld/path/to/image.jpg

Ensure the image address fits into the text chat. Long addresses can get cut off causing your image to not appear.

Bow Master

We give out a Supply Signal to whoever gets the longest Hunting Bow kill each wipe.

  • To see who the current Bow Master is, you can use: /hunt
  • To see who was Bow Master the previous wipe, you can use: /hunt previous
  • To claim the reward for the previous wipes longest Hunting Bow kill, you can use: /hunt reward
Doing events

If you're doing events on the server such as Bradley, Cargoship or either of the Oil Rigs, please use the following commands to call out that intention - this will help other players know what is happening on the server and minimise the chances of people heading to an event you're doing.

  • To call out the Bradley use: /doing bradley, /doing apc or /doing tank
  • To call out the Cargoship use: /doing cargoship, /doing cargo or /doing ship
  • To call out the Small Oil Rig use: /doing smallrig or /doing rigsmall
  • To call out the Large Oil Rig use: /doing largerig or /doing riglarge
  • To call out the Excavator use: /doing excavator or /doing quarry

This is not a reservation system, use this when you are ready to do the event. If someone calls out in chat the intention to do an event, please respect that intention. If you forget to call out an event, please make sure you let players know if you are already at an event.

Horse claim
Call for admin assistance

If you're having trouble on the server and need moderator assistance, you can use the command /admin please to notify any available moderators.

Only use this command if you can't get help in chat.


We operate a schedule for our servers that allows you to plan your play time - these are the most common scheduling questions.

How often and when do you wipe the map?

The map is wiped periodically to give all players a clean start on the current map. Not all map wipes are blueprint wipes - check the section on blueprint wipes to find out when the next one occurs.

For the North America and UK & Europe servers the next map wipe occurs on the 20th of June, for our Australasia server it is on the 21st of June.

For more dates view our full 2024 wipe schedule.

How often and when do you wipe blueprints?

We do a blueprint wipe every 2 months to level the playing field for new players.

For the North America and UK & Europe servers the next blueprint wipe occurs on the 1st of August, for our Australasia server it is on the 2nd of August.

Blueprint wipes will always coincide with a map wipe.

Occasionally FacePunch may mandate a blueprint wipe - when this happens we will adjust our own schedule accordingly.

For more dates view our full 2024 wipe schedule.

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