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The Bradley APC isn't particularly concerned with who you are, it just wants you out of its way
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Bradley - The APC

Bradley makes his appearance at the Launch Site roughly every 30-45 minutes. He shoots at anyone that comes close and is generally a pain in the butt.

Taking Bradley

Unlike the Patrol Helicopter there isn't a queue to take Bradley - If you are ready to try and take him out make sure you are in the vicinity of the Launch Site and just use /doing bradley in chat when you are ready to go get him. Once this claim has been made in chat no-one else should attempt to take Bradley - if you do then you may forfeit your loot to whoever made the first claim.

Bradley event etiquette

For everyones benefit, it's a good idea to make yourself familiar with the Bradley etiquette - this ensures everyone is happy.

I made a claim but got delayed

To minimise delays, make sure you are prepared and in the area. Once you make your claim, try and be in place and ready to attack within 5 minutes.

If you get delayed and won't be able to do Bradley within that time, tell chat so someone else can take your place. You will still be eligible to take the one after, assuming you get a claim in in time.

I died, what now?

Get up, dust yourself off and try again...? Or concede your lose and let the next contender take their shot.

If you concede to another player, let them know if you are getting your kit back, so they know to expect you in the area of the debris field.

Can I go watch the show?

It takes a bit of effort and good timing to take out Bradley and while spectators are welcome and generally unavoidable, please be respectful and keep your distance from the wreck site.

Players/groups who have taken out Bradley are entitled to defend the site using force.

If you have taken out Bradley, please make any players who are getting too close aware of that in text chat, if they continue to stay and won't leave, kill them and notify a moderator.

Bradley help

There's not alot to say about Bradley, he's armoured and moves at speed - if he sees you before you see him you'll probably be dead before you know he's there.

I have a different Bradley related question

If you have a question about Bradley that isn't answered here, feel free to ask in the Discord.

Bradley take downs

The Bradley is uncompromising in who it targets, using its main cannon to target players far away and machine guns to target anyone who manages to get too close. Here we have our Bradley take downs playlist for you to enjoy.

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